Established in 2018, Tatsat FoundationTM  is a Section 25 company under the Companies Act, 2013, with the mandate of ‘organising the unorganised’ sector by focusing on social-sector education. It was felt that India’s vast social sector, which plays a very crucial role in delivering services to some of the most vulnerable sections of the society, is hampered by the lack of professionally trained and specialised manpower that led to adopting an unorganised approach to problem solving. Most of the social-sector workforce is drawn from variety of fields. It was felt that for India to make a dent against social inequality, it must begin with specialised education and skill development that is narrowly focused on managing the social sector to produce skilled professionals, who will be equipped to deal with the needs of specific social sector requirements  for providing better solutions.

Tatsat FoundationTM  is India’s first non-government organisation that is exclusively engaged in developing a conceptual framework for social-sector and CSR-specific education and certification, both for aspiring candidates, who want to work in this sector or those who are already working in this domain.

However, over the years, Tatsat FoundationTM  expanded its work scope to provide for meaningful intervention in other critical areas such as relief work, resource mobilisation, ecological conservation, governance, sanitation, low-cost integrated housing clusters, and energy efficiency, among others. Some of our innovative projects like Seedpaper (regenerative paper) and Soil 2 Home (low-cost, disaster-resistant housing) have earned international acclaim.

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Our exhaustive portfolio of services has enabled various stakeholders to make meaningful interventions in some of the most critical areas at crucial periods. We have also established a knowledge exchange platform that enables our partners and member organisations to access insightful reports, case studies and whitepapers for making informed decisions.

Tatsat FoundationTM  also works closely with the government and quasigovernmental bodies in the public policy space, oriented towards the social sector. Over the years, we have provided advisory services to the Central government and various State governments, especially in the field of social-sector education. We also conduct workshops to ]impart hands-on training to people in various government departments, including central security agencies and state police forces.


Our mission is to bridge the gap that exists between the needs of the social sector and the available resources, especially human resources. We intend to achieve this by organising India’s vast unorganised workforce engaged in the social sector into a coherent structure and bring it at par with the best international standards by creating a standardised and systemic knowledge structure that is easily accessible to all.  



Tatsat FoundationTM  is committed towards building an ecosystem that will systemically enable and empower people with the necessary knowledge and skills for a better understanding of the social-sector space through specialised education and skill development, pioneer innovative technologies, effective and scalable solutions.


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