About us


In the sentient context of eternal cycle of life, dharma (moral duty) can only be fulfilled through karma (good deeds) by following the path of Tatsat. This portmanteau of absolute truth (Tatsat) is derived from Tat, meaning everything belongs to the almighty, while the word Sat is the greater call to perform all actions with complete truthfulness. 

Tatsat defines an ethos of selfless service with absolute truthfulness as the most enriching undertaking that a person or a collective of people can perform for the upliftment of society for a better future.    

The core existence of Tatsat FoundationTM is defined by this credo. We put it into practice by following a strict code of ethics, integrity, truthfulness, and utmost transparency. We apply these values to all our projects, irrespective of their size or returns.


Established in 2018, Tatsat FoundationTM  is a Section 25 company under the Companies Act, 2013, with the mandate of ‘organising the unorganised’ sector by focusing on social-sector education. It was felt that India’s vast social sector, which plays a very crucial role in delivering services to some of the most vulnerable sections of the society, is hampered by the lack of professionally trained and specialised manpower that led to adopting an unorganised approach to problem solving. Most of the social-sector workforce is drawn from variety of fields. It was felt that for India to make a dent against social inequality, it must begin with specialised education and skill development that is narrowly focused on managing the social sector to produce skilled professionals, who will be equipped to deal with the needs of specific social sector requirements  for providing better solutions.



Our unique, holistic approach to project management helps us to see the big picture, which is helpful for blending various approaches from the first to the last stage in a project’s lifecycle. We build a comprehensive project map by breaking it down into its individual components for providing end-to-end solutions. This multi-step process ensures high-fidelity impact, speedy rollout and implementation, tight monitoring, and course-correction, as and when needed.   


Dr. Sumi Gupta
Sumi founded the Tatsat FoundationTM with the intention to professionalise the social sector and campaign for dignity and respect for those working in this space. She has more than 20 years of global experience across the UK, Philippines, Costa Rica, India, US and Australia in various industries ranging from IT / ITES, Global Retail, Luxury to Consumer Products, Healthcare, and Financial Services. She is a seasoned professional known for her expertise in corporate social responsibility, corporate communications, corporate affairs, brand and reputation management.


Tatsat FoundationTM  has worked with some of the biggest corporate houses, public sector undertakings and government agencies since 2018. They have been our esteemed partners / supporters / sponsors / participants  in some of the most complex projects / events / campaigns / that we have executed across India.