Cookies Policy

Like most websites, Tatsat Foundation uses cookies to identify an individual and the device from other users to help deliver better services to our users.
  1. Definition of a Cookie : A cookie is a small software code that a website sends to the user’s browser and is stored on the user’s computer as a small text file. Cookies help to navigate between the pages of the website by retrieving the stored information on the device. Cookies do not contain personal information. We use cookies to track website usage and improve our offerings and services.
  2. About this Cookie Policy : This Cookie Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions. When you log in to this website, you agree to this Cookie Policy. Subsequent changes to the Cookie Policy will be notified prominently on the website.
  3. How Cookies are used? : Cookies are used to collect information about the browsing habits of our users to refining our offering by delivering more relevant content on the device of our users. Cookies are also used to collect information when users disclose data or take part in sales and promotional activities. Cookies are used for the following reasons:
    • To gather statistics that are used for analytics
    • Flash cookies might be used to store user preferences for media player functionality
  4. Different types of Cookies used
    • First-party Cookies: These are cookies used by Tatsat Foundation to determine content preferences.
    • Personalisation cookies: These are cookies that are used to track repeat visitors.
    • Analytics cookies: These types of cookies are used to gather information about the browsing habits of our users, for example, time spent on a particular section, number of videos and photos viewed, interaction with other users etc.
    • Site management cookies: These are used to identify the online sessions of our users like taking part in polling/vote etc. so that the server identifies that the user has already taken part in such an activity.
    • Third-Party Cookies: These are cookies that are used by our partners, advertisers and collaborators to identify individual users. These cookies are developed and controlled by third parties for their genuine business needs and analytics.
  5. Turning off Cookies : All current browsers provide the feature to turn off cookies, including essential cookies that might be used to deliver a specific type of content. Cookies can be turned off using the ‘Settings’ of the browsers. Sometimes, switching off cookies might restrict some of the functionalities of the website.

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