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The following Terms & Conditions will determine the terms of use for the Tatsat Foundation website that has been developed and operated by Tatsat Foundation having its registered office at 603, 6TH FLOOR, SURYA KIRAN BUILDING, BARAKHAMBA ROAD, CONNAUGHT PLACE, NEW DELHI, 110001, terms and conditions of accessing and using, its associated apps and mobile content delivery service. The Privacy Policy is part and parcel of this Terms and Conditions, which is divided under the following heads:
  1. DISCLAIMER : All content, material, information, suggestions, advice, names, text, graphics, pictures, logos, icons, images and links (collectively referred hereinafter as ‘content’) displayed or carried on this website if provided to the users on ‘AS IS” basis, unless stated otherwise. Therefore, Tatsat Foundation and its associated companies are indemnified from any liability arising for the use of any such content displayed on the website, app or mobile content delivery service. The users understand except for the content or any other service/s exclusively developed and distributed by Tatsat Foundation¸ the company is not liable for any damage caused to any devices, files, viruses, malware, bugs or codes that might manifest the user’s system, device or network. Tatsat Foundation does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of any content or any other service/s that has not been exclusively developed and distributed by us. Tatsat Foundation does not make any representation with regard to the full functionality, accuracy or reliability of the website or the server that makes it available. Users shall be responsible for implementing sufficient procedures to satisfy the visitor’s requirements for safety and accuracy of data-input and output, and for maintaining a means external to the website for reconstructing any lost data.
  2. VISITOR’S COVENANTS : Any material, information or other communication provided to us by users will be treated as per the our Privacy Policy. While we take reasonable precautions to protect, secure and safeguard personal information and data, the responsibility of submitting/providing such information solely rests with the users. The users may reserve the right not to submit any information/ personal data, but they may not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the website, app or mobile content service. The users are advised not to submit any information/comment that may be threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material, or material that would violate any law or sensibility of any person. Tatsat Foundation shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever to the users for any consequences arising from violation of the foregoing prohibitions. However, the company reserves the right to share the information voluntarily submitted by the users with its business partners and advertisers. Any information submitted by users will be deemed Copyright Free, unless stated otherwise and the company will be free to use any such information with its business partners and advertisers. It might use all such information for developing new products and services.
  3. OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE LAWS OF THE LAND : The users are expected to abide by the civil/criminal/copy right/Information Technology laws and guidelines of the land. The responsibility of any violation any of these laws in part or in full is the sole responsibility of the users. Users are strongly advised not to post/provide any content that’s deemed illegal under the laws of the land. The risks associated with accessing this website from foreign land is solely the responsibility of the users and will be governed by the concerned and relevant laws applicable in the country from which the website has been accessed. The company is not responsible for any act of omission on part of the users in such cases.
  4. COPYRIGHT PROTECTION : The all content expressly developed and distributed by Tatsat Foundation is protected by the Copyright Act of India, 1957. No part of such content can be re/distributed or reproduced in any form without the express and written permission of Tatsat Foundation. Any part of the content/article or any other information used by others strictly for editorial purposes must be duly credited to Tatsat Foundation. Failure to do so might invite legal sanction under the laws of the land. Any material or content submitted to the company or this website by the users will be deemed as Copyright Free. All proprietary content will carry copyright warning at the bottom of the page, unless expressly mentioned otherwise.
  5. LEGAL NOTICE : The content on the website is a service provided by Tatsat Foundation and maybe used only for informational purposes only. Any decision made by the users pertaining to financial, investment, taxation or legal issues on the basis of the content hosted on this website is the sole responsibility of the users. The company is not responsible for any such decision taken by the users that might result in losses in any form or any other third-party consequences. Users are solely responsible for the security and safety of their personal data and devices.
  6. PRIVACY POLICY : The Privacy Policy is part of this Terms and Conditions. Users are advised to read our Privacy Policy to know more about user information collection, and how personal data is secured, stored, shared and safeguarded. The Privacy Policy also defines the rights of the users with respect to personal data submitted to us.
  7. RESERVATION : Tatsat Foundation reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, but not limited to, of this website in part or in total. Any changes made to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will be displayed prominently on the website. Users agree to use information gleaned from the content hosted on this website only for lawful purposes and not to harass, harm or spread religious hatred under any pretext or circumstances. If any illegal use of the information based on the content hosted on this website is brought to our notice, the company reserves the right to pursue any legal recourse available under the civil and criminal laws of the land.
  8. JURISDICTION : Any disputes and arbitration will be resolved according to the laws of India before a competent authority. For settling any such issues the jurisdiction of the Court of Laws of Delhi will prevail. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, you are advised to discontinue the usage of this website, apps and mobile content delivery services.