One of the core strengths on Tatsat FoundationTM is developing robust advocacy models. We realise the importance of advocacy in ushering a policy shift at the institutional level, both in the government and private sectors. We develop advocacy strategy from ground up in order to deliver maximum reach and impact. The architecture of our advocacy strategies is designed to enable organisations to take the best decisions and create an institutional mechanism for best practices. While designing advocacy campaigns for organisations we take in account formal structure and systems, informal cultures and expectations, technology backbone (especially engagement through Social Media) requirement, human resources, financial planning, social audit needs and impact assessment. Advocacy strategies also crucial for success in the competitive funding space for NGOs that has become increasingly crowded. Effectiveness of any advocacy strategy can me measured by impact that it had in bringing a policy change and perception shift. A strong advocacy strategy needs to fact-based and target oriented. We at Tatsat FoundationTM, impart training for developing robust advocacy strategies, besides developing and executing advocacy strategies.

The need for robust advocacy strategies have acquired critical importance in the sustainability domain, which includes :