Our expertise and experience in Project Planning are unparalleled. We have planned and executed projects of all sizes, ranging from small donation drives to the high complex Soil 2 Home project. Our unique approach enables us to design projects that deliver maximum value and impact. Our planning methodology ensures an organisation’s social obligations are not in conflict with its business needs. Synchronisation of individual components of a project, which is vital for smooth implementation, is built into the design. We leverage our network to find the right partners for the project. The role and expectations of the project partners are clearly defined in the plan document.

With growing awareness among the common people about issues such social equity, workers’ rights, environmental consciousness, and sustainability, among others, it’s important that social initiative plans incorporate the concerns of the end consumers of products and services for creating value, without compromising on profits. This critical balancing act can the achieved only through a robust planning mechanism.

Tatsat Planning Flowchart