Education Projects

Developing education solutions for the social sector is the flagship initiative of Tatsat FoundationTM. The aim of this initiative is to develop short and long-term skill development modules and curriculum for those engaged in the social sector or want to make a career in this field.

Innovative Projects

We develop project ideas in which multiple stakeholders can associate themselves to serve for a common good and alleviate the conditions of the most underprivileged sections of the society. Our projects such as ‘Neki ki Dewaar’, ‘Project Zindagi’, blood donation camps, among others, are part of such initiatives.

Participative Projects

We tie up with independent and institutional innovators to find sustainable solutions to some of the critical issues that India is dealing with. The Seedpaper project was aimed at reducing the consumption of single-use paper in ecologically sensitive areas. The Soil 2 Home initiative developed in partnership with Prashak for providing housing solutions, which are disaster-resistant and conserves energy.

Social Dialogue Initiative

Through our participation in events such as the Pakhi Mahotsav, which is aimed at conserving Hindi literature and gfiles Governance Awards that felicitates civil servants for path-breaking governance initiatives, we aim to engage in a social dialogue with thinkers and decision makers in our society. We partnered with the Khajuraho Film Festival to raise awareness about CSR education.