Empowering Women Sportpersons

TATSAT FOUNDATION’S sports program, named TatSport, works on the following platforms to support women sports in India:

  1. Sponsorships and funding: by reaching out to public, private sector to raise funding, sponsorships, philanthropic donations for Sports Women to enable them to perform at their best with best in class equipment, training and infrastructure facilities. 
  2. Impactful communication and messaging: creating awareness across rural and urban India through core communication programmes which are designed to deliver messaging across the youth and the nation to dispel socio-cultural barriers and enable more women participation in sports in our country which is currently marginal and insufficient. Tatsat Foundation intends to work closely with Government and private bodies to conduct regular and nationwide awareness progams for women sports participation and encourage them and their families to support women participation in all types of sports without any qualms or social restraint. 
  3. Sports Counseling: TatSport’s  counseling arm is committed to working with children and youth across diverse demographic groups. Our programs cover sports counseling, sports psychology, study personality, coaching, performance and team dynamics. The focus is on assisting children and the youth to develop social, physical and athletic skills and important athletic values such as respect, persistence and hard work in preparing, organizing and leading athletic activities and programs.

    TatSport counseling also assists in providing student-athletes with psychological assessments, psychotherapy treatments and clinical counseling.

    TatSport counseling focuses on the athlete’s development as an individual, including  personal  and  clinical issues associated with  sports performance like reducing stress, anxiety, overcoming fear of failure and success, and burn-out. Our programs assist with problem prevention, coping skills, relaxation training, decision-making, life management and career planning, therapeutic strategies, and crisis intervention. Timely assessments and treatment by our expert sports counselors provide student-athletes with educational programs and information about drugs and substance abuse treatment.

  4. Sports Infrastructure: Encouraging Corporates to invest CSR funds in building state-of-the-art sports infrastructure, as it is the backbone of sports. The lack of infrastructural facilities is one of the major impediments in the process of development of sports. We believe TatSport’s initiatives in this arena will help multiple Corporates look at the challenges and opportunities to sports infrastructure development and enable them to take positive steps towards transforming this sector, enabling more women participation with safety, removing socio cultural barriers.