Innovation equals survival, it is empowering, impactful and a sure marker for success. In most companies that are eager to exert new practices, those who lack the skills to adapt or innovate would likely be uncharitably referred to as dead wood. In the age of widespread disruption, innovation is the armour that helps to withstand adverse pressures. HR heads would vouch that companies are continuously looking for those who can innovateor reinvent to catch new markets, experiences, partnerships, products, services, content, and beat deadline pressure AS WELL AS KEEP ABREAST WITH SOCIAL COMMITMENT.

Teenage green activist Greta Thunberg’s campaigning on climate change has gained international recognition. She recently created a sensation when she delivered an emotional speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Mincing no words, she mentioned about the crisis facing her generation and the inaction of world leaders on climate change: “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood…”
No one can deny the truth of Thunberg’s hard-hitting statement. The onus is on each one of us to make the change. Tatsat Foundation’s award-winning innovative Seed Paper, that recycles waste paper back to the earth to plant more greens, is one such initiative.

About Seed Based Paper

Tatsat Foundation strongly believes in a holistic culture of inclusivity, fostering an environment that bolsters innovation and growth. With growing widespread international concern about the amount of single-use plastic and its disposal, Director Ms.Sumi Gupta researched an innovative idea that makes good use of visiting cards, grocery bills, post cards, envelops and so on, that otherwise end up in trash bins. Ms. Sumi planted the Tatsat visiting card, embedded with marigold seeds into a small pot, and with each green stem and leaf sprouting from the earth, the Tatsat Visiting Card had helped to nurture the beautiful plant.

Tatsat Foundation took the lead in this innovative step in promoting seedpaper, after several rounds of trials. In recognition for Gupta’s efforts in developing the seed paper, she was awarded the prestigious Confluence Award, 2019 at House of Commons of UK.

The initiative is a race against quick depleting climatic conditions, and this Seedpaper technology provides measures to fix environmental issues through recycling, we need to start recycle of waste materials, and paper most of all. Especially, paper used in daily lives or one time use such as envelops, visiting cards etc… can be recycled for saving the environment.


Tatsat proudly announces an innovative idea that appeals to our green thumbs and makes good use of visiting cards, post cards, envelops etc. any paper that is single use, that otherwise end in trash bins. We planted the Tatsat visiting card, along with marigold seeds into a small pot, and with each green stem and leaf sprouting from the earth, felt immeasurably proud on how in no small measure the Tatsat Visiting Card had helped to nurture this beautiful plant.

Sample of Post card

Donation Cost of Post Card

Cost of Post Card (excluding designing and printing): Range 35 Ito 50 INR approxper piece MIN order (500 nos)

Sample of Visiting card

Think of all the corporate visiting cards that could help to nurture more greens all around us. A small bit that all of us can do to help save the environment, at such a low cost or almost the same cost.

Donation Cost of visiting Card (excluding designing and printing):

Range 6.50 – 8.00 INR approx
MIN order (1000 cards)

How it works

This is a very simple campaign. TATSAT GLOBAL EDUCATION AND WELFARE FOUNDATION wants to go out and tell its story weaved with the dreams of its beneficiaries. All we want from you is a little love!

We have specifically Seed paper to use at various occasions’ and sectors like New Year, Diwali, Holi Greeting Cards, visiting cards with a personalized gift tag from Ms. Sumi Gupta. We request:

We provide you the Seed Paper that can be used for a range of marketing & promotional uses:

  • Innovative business cards – make a memorable first impression.
  • Seeded bookmarks – ideal for gardening, reading, school & university promotions.
  • Mail shot for direct mail campaigns.
  • Post Cards.
  • New Year/ Diwali Greeting Cards
  • Marriage Cards

And you procure a defined number of above mentioned products from us started with Rs. 30 (direct equivalent of plant one tree ) Gift as you deem fit to your employees or your entire value chain and tell them they are valued! The minimum amount of visiting Card, a very low range product, taking operational and logistical chain in account, we would encourage you to adopt is 1000.

But do let us know what works for you and we will make it work.

Merits for environmentalists

  • Blessings of the Mother Earth!
  • Branding as campaign partners on TATSAT GLOBAL EDUCATION AND WELFARE FOUNDATION website’s dedicated page to #SeedLove # SeedATree, and social media and among base of 2lakh plus stakeholders
  • Optional – Inclusion on TATSAT GLOBAL EDUCATION AND WELFARE FOUNDATION for Environment advisory panel (Get in touch with us today to know more)

#SeedaPaper#SeedLove #SeedAtree – today!