Coronavirus Covid-19 has brought immense sufferings and setbacks to all across the globe, in all manners of the word. The crisis has had far-flung and deep ramifications, from immediate health emergencies to economic shutdowns worldwide.

The sudden announcement of a 21 day strict lockdown across India made scarcity of basic needs and amenities as it was not planned by the government and not expected by the people. Lives and livelihoods both were at stake like never before. Scenes of desperate migrants, in India making the long journey back home, amid heat and dust and rising woes, have been heart-wrenching.


Tatsat Foundation, an award-winning Delhi-based NGO, in a humble effort in difficult times, pooled in resources to fight the war against hunger and deprivation, through “Project Zindagi” by reaching out to  needy families during the lockdown and providing them with basic amenities.

Tatsat Foundation procured dry rations like grains, oil, vegetables etc. from Reliance fresh known for their high quality products. These were then made into individual packages. Tatsat was able to help reach out to 100s of families in need of basic amenities during the lockdown period of April and May. Food items, soaps and sanitizers were also given to hundreds in need of basic amenities. One month’s ration was distributed to needy families through Tatsat Foundations “Project Zindagi”with the help of Delhi Police.

Tatsat Foundation is grateful for its help and support from Reliance Fresh who supplied raw materials such as raw cereals, lentils, rice, flour, sugar, oil, toothpastes, soaps and sanitizers, among others. In view of the fast spread of the novel coronavirus, each packet distributed was sanitized and packed in a way that it was easy to carry and remained fresh and hygienic.


As section 144 was imposed in most cities of the country and also restriction in traffic movement, reaching out to common man in far- away villages was not feasible. At a time like this Delhi Police stepped in and played an important role in the ration distribution drive run by Tatsat Foundations “Project Zindagi”. With the help of Delhi Police, the ration could reach the house of needy families in areas of Govindpuri, jj clusters of Chirag Delhi and Kalkaji to name a few, just the way the Foundation had set out to.  Rules of social distancing were properly followed. Delhi Police also taught the lesson of social distancing to the people contacted during the drive.

All this work is extremely gratifying when you see a smile on the persons face or hear a child’s laughter in delight. Tatsat Foundation requests all of you to come forward in strengthening our hands and support “Project Zindagi” an endeavour by Tatsat Foundation. Please make donations that will enable us to reach out to more such people in need of basic amenities. Your donations will go a long way.
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