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Our philosophy

Tat’ (everything belongs to the almighty) combines with ‘Sat’ (all actions are performed with truthfulness), to evolve as ‘Om Tat Sat’ or the ‘Absolute Truth’. It is only by transcending to the higher Self through awakening or cultivating higher consciousness can we selflessly work towards the upliftment of our society.

We, at Tatsat Foundation, believe that each initiative we conceive and implement embodies this spirit. We deliver with utmost transparency, and candor.

About us 

In our experience of over 15 years, we saw a gaping void in the corporate responsibility space. For any society to prosper, it is the responsibility of every privileged human being to contribute towards social upliftment. It is with this mission, we embark on our journey now. The government through its latest Companies Act has given substantive push towards community welfare by mandating corporates to engage in social action. On one hand, we see a rapid growth growth of this space, however, on the other, we observe the lack of specialized training, recognition and respect of those working in this domain.

Hone talent
By creating a group of compassionate CSR professionals who have the vision, motivation and capability to deliver impactful initiatives for social good. We firmly believe that position, power, respect and competitive salaries will help attract high quality individuals passionate to be part of change.
Enhance employability
By developing skilled and trained individuals through our educational programmes, we see them being gainfully employed in companies as CSR specialists, and social auditors with the growth of this domain. Through this effort, we advocate for position, power, and pay of these individuals who are as important and talented as compared to any other industry.
Mainstream social services in education
For any industry or sector to grow and flourish, specialized education is quintessential. Our endeavor is to provide focused education right from school level and beyond to develop people who have nuanced understanding of the development space
Promote knowledge exchange
Through our cohesive Corporate Social Services Exchange platform, we aim to bring our members on a single platform to debate, deliberate and exchange their field learning through events and discussions.

Why us?

  • We are the first organization providing CSR-specific education and certifications with our partners to aspirants and specialists alike. This will help create a brigade of qualified people who understand the space to drive meaningful programmes to create a bigger, better and brighter tomorrow.
  • As enablers, our exchange platform provides access to insightful case studies, reports and research to our members– business and government entities to make thorough decisions. With this knowledge, they can channelize funds in the geographies and sectors that need most assistance. This will also help in reaching out to the unserved or underserved communities by avoiding duplication of efforts.
  • Support government’s efforts by drafting needed pragmatic policies, laying new norms, and driving government schemes.
  • Assist skill development measures by engaging various players and creating job opportunities
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Our team

Sumi Gupta
Founder and Director

Sumi instituted the Tatsat Foundation with the intention to ‘professionalise the sector’ advocating for dignity and respect of those working in the social service space.

She has 20+ years of experience across the UK, Philippines, Costa Rica, India, US and Australia in various industries—from IT / ITES, Global Retail, Luxury to Consumer Products, Healthcare, and Financial Services. She is a seasoned professional known for her expertise in corporate social responsibility, corporate communications, corporate affairs, brand and reputation management.

Sumi is a Management Graduate of Symbiosis University, Pune. She completed her LLB from the University of Lucknow, M. Sc in International Banking & Financial Services from the University of Reading, UK and is an alum of Harvard executive leadership program.

Anju Asthana

Anju is a globetrotter with deep insights into diverse cultures due to her career in the Aviation sector. She has expertise in PR, client management, customer relations, and hospitality.

Her passion for organic farming led her to Uttarakhand where she is working with the farmers and supporting the sector.

Anju completed her MBA (HR) from Amity Business School and her Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University. She is a certified Indo-German cultural expert, firefighter and first aid (CPR) provider.

Services offered

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