TATSAT FOUNDATION visualizes the modern social worker as fearless, persistent and a people’s person, and as much in love with his job as a successful doctor, lawyer or an engineer. For social change to become the mantra of the next generation, it has to ride the bandwagon of success. The social worker needs to brush off the dust and grime of the clichéd jhola and sport the exuberance and swagger of a corporate specialist set on the path of engineering social change. 

Sadly, one of the most needed professions, that of the social worker, is also one of the least sought-after. The social worker needs to be accorded his/her rightful stature with a career graph that is as appealing as any mainline professions. Why should the one heralding the most significant change at the grassroots level be deprived of power, prestige, pay and position?

At TATSAT, we think both creatively and socially. For any real change to be effective, we need to change the perception of the one who is heralding the change. We have expertise in:

  • Overhauling curriculums to introduce the concept of the social service sector at an early age and devising university level programs that will equip the new age social worker with skillsets needed to engineer the change are some of TATSAT’S leading objectives.

The end user is at the centre of TATSAT’S philosophy. What good is a solution if it’s not tailored to your needs? We believe in the immense possibility of the youth in reshaping and enhancing life significantly. The young social worker lot needs to become an entitled and an enlightened class, sans the baggage of a lowly job. 

President and CEO of Intel Corporation Andrew Grove titled his bestseller aptly: “Only the paranoid survive.” At TATSAT, we have the paranoia to push the benchmark, and to make further inroads, to mark the change.