Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services help and guide Corporates, Institutions and Businesses to integrate the mandatory CSR concepts into their business models to form sustainable corporate self-regulations. Positive outcomes for our clients are exponential, and range from financial gains to improving operational efficiency.

We offer holistic CSR consultancy services, including need-based assessment studies, CSR Planning and Implementation, CSR audits, Institutional capacity-building, third-party Impact Assessments, and Participatory Programs for our valuable clients.

We advise and assist our clients to measure the effectiveness of their CSR Strategies and CSR Programs. The progress towards the CSR targets they set by developing a set of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needs to be evaluated by tracking them in a systematic way.

We use different CSR Communication Strategies that are adapted individually, case-by-case to the needs and standards of the company and its environment. All these CSR Communication Strategies are separated into Internal and External measures and are adjusted to the status of the project.

We work on individual project levels, from local to international, and have years’ of experience in transforming Internal CSR projects to broadly accepted and acclaimed company measures

We provide end-to-end CSR services, such as CSR Policy Formulation & Advisory, Need/ Baseline Assessment, Project Conceptualisation to field level Project Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and CSR Reporting, along with Social Audit and Impact Assessment.


TATSAT FOUNDATION helps its clients by measuring Social Impact and creating value through social innovation. We help Corporations, Public Sector agencies, Non-profits and Foundations create value through social change and empower them with data to solve social problems efficiently. These include areas such as Social Audits of Supply Chains, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Measurement of Social Outcomes where third-party verification/assurance is appropriate and necessary.

CSR Audit, as a process of engagement with the stakeholders, helps to increase Efficiency and Effectiveness of operations by reducing emissions, loopholes, corruption, etc, to ensure proper and sustainable utilisation of resources available and offer training and capacity-building of employees to become more sustainable in their approach.

Our CSR Auditing Services Include:

  • CSR Audit of the organisation as a whole, assessing the Social, Environmental and Economic impact, including understanding the business dynamics and consumer perceptions.
  • Gather data of the on-going initiatives and improve the strategy of implementation.
  • Assessing the long-term impacts, based on audit findings.
  • Collecting information of impact of the organisation on society.
  • Utilising data to communicate positive impact to the stakeholders.
  • Use CSR Audit as a process of engagement with stakeholders.
  • Increase efficiency of operations by reducing emissions, loopholes, corruption etc.
  • Ensure proper and sustainable utilisation of resources available.
  • Training and capacity-building of employees to become more sustainable in their approach.
  • Reduce overall operation costs in the long-term, along with increase in organisational value in the market.

 Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Project Management and Evaluation
  • Project Implementation Monitoring
  • Concurrent Evaluation & Benefit Monitoring


TATSAT FOUNDATION believes in innovation and sustainability and that is an integral part of all our projects catering to business and community needs.

In addition to delivering on the moral/ethical responsibility and building a social brand image, our clients stand to benefit from the innovations that come with such activities helping them become more innovative.

Due to our interventions, our clients identify new and more efficient methods of doing business, and also identify new products and services. This approach provides a competitive edge to the clients by making them more responsive to consumer trends.

Our CSR processes therefore can serve as a framework in which such innovations can be identified and then exploited to the company’s advantage.


Our solutions include the following training modules:

  • Formulation of Training Modules and Manuals
  • On-the Project Training Classroom and On-site Training
  • Transfer of Technology
  • Participatory Training


By engaging in CSR activities, companies not only generate favourable stakeholder attitudes and better support behaviours (e.g. purchase, seeking employment, investing in the company), but also, over the long run, build corporate image, strengthen stakeholder–company relationships, and enhance stakeholders’ advocacy behaviours. However, stakeholders’ low awareness of and unfavorable attributions towards companies’ CSR activities remain critical impediments in companies’ attempts to maximize business benefits from their CSR activities. This highlights the need for companies to communicate CSR more effectively to stakeholders.

In light of these challenges, a conceptual framework of CSR communication is presented and its different aspects are analysed, from message content and communication channels to company‐ and stakeholder‐specific factors that influence the effectiveness of CSR communication.

TATSAT FOUNDATION’S approach is to use a framework for measuring and reporting corporate performance against economic, social and environmental performance. It is an attempt to align private enterprises to the goal of sustainable global development by providing them with a more comprehensive set of working objectives than just profit. The perspective taken is that for an organization to be sustainable, it must be financially secure, minimize its negative environmental impacts and act in conformity with societal expectations.